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k&k kultkom brings style and structure in every publication - the company magazine, the event documentation, a postcard series, the conference transcript as well as the web presence.



Example project:


Course of Education - a documentation book for the education initiative "Südliche Friedrichstadt"


The documentation book for a course of education was developed for following reasons: It is supposed to support parents in actively and attentivly accompanying and documenting their children's course of education from their birth until high school. It is a book for parents with information on child development, incentives to support their child's learning abilities, suggestions for cooperations with educators and advise for parents on observing their child's progress. The book is further supplemented with additional information and a selection of recommendable children's books. The documentation book for a course of education was developed within the framework of the education initiative "Südliche Friedrichstadt". It contains 90 pages and can be purchased or downloaded for free in German as well as Turkish.


k&k kultkom is heading the process moderation and implementing projects for the education initiative "Südliche Friedrichstadt". Within this capacity k&k kultkom participated actively in the development and design of the documentation book for a course of education.



Project initiator | In cooperation of Arbeiterwohlfahrt Berlin Spree-Wuhle e.V., Bezirksamt Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg von Berlin, Fachdienst Koordination Frühe Bildung und Erziehung, k&k kultkom, KINDERWELTEN/Institut für den Situationsansatz in der INA gGmbH at the Free University Berlin

Edition | 1000 copies in German, 500 copies in Turkish

Project volume | 15,000 euros



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