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Example project:


Happy New Ears Congress


The Happy New Ears Congress - organized by the Children's and Young People's Theater Center in cooperation with the Young Opera at the National Theater Mannheim - will take place at the beginning of the European Festival for Contemporary Music Theater for Young Audiences in November 2016 in Mannheim.

The congress will offer a praxis-oriented encounter focusing on questions about, stances on and discourses around current aesthetics, developments in, approaches to, and qualities of music theater for young audiences. This will take place in the form of experiment spaces, discussions, an agora style market place exchange and post-performance talks about festival pieces. The congress aims to bring a variety of artistic perspectives and approaches into contact with each other, and to create opportunities and ideas for the further development of contemporary music theater.


k&k kultkom does the overall public relations for the Happy New Ears Congress as well as coordination and content of the website.



Financing | German Federal Foundation for Culture

Project volume | 6,000 euros (professional fee)

Project initiator | Children's and Young People's Theater Center in the Federal Republic of Germany

Co-operations | Young Opera at the National Theater Mannheim, National Theater Mannheim



Happy New Ears Congress