service I process presentation

k&k kultkom supervises and looks after process-oriented projects - also for longer periods. We coordinate committees, their preparation, presentation and evaluation as well as the documentation of the process itself - and provide for the right rhythm for the process.



Example project:


Wrangelkiez macht Schule - a network for education in the area „Wrangelkiez“ in Berlin-Kreuzberg


For effective development in the Wrangelkiez area it was crucial to improve the perspectives on the future for children, teenagers and families. An essential element for this purpose is the co-operation of all active organisations and protagonists in the area of educational and youth work. In co-operation with the youth welfare department and the Fichtelgebirge elementary school, the Quartiersmanagement Wrangelkiez framed a particular emphasis on the area of education in their agenda. In order to further develop and to extend the initiative, a local action plan "Wrangelkiez macht Schule" was developed.


A special project structure which consists of the plenary, the working groups and the preparatory working control group provides for a continuous examination and further development of the aims formulated in the action plan. For the sustainable establishment of these aims in the quarter, exemplary interface-covering individual projects are initiated and evaluated. Also, overlapping events like the Bildungsfest (educational party) and different workshops improved the exchange and the fusion of the protagonists in the Wrangelkiez.


The process presentation for the realisation of the action plan is the task of k&k kultkom. Fields of responsibility are preparation, presentation, evaluation and documentation of the processes as well as the coordination of the committees and the structuralisation of the overall strategy.



Financing | Soziale Stadt (2005-2008), since 2009 subsidies from the Bezirksamt Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg

Project initiator | Quartiersmanagement Wrangelkiez (ASUM GmbH)

Project volume (share of k&k kultkom) | 50,000 euros

Co-operations | School management of the Fichtelgebirge elementary school, the areas school social work, youth social work, early education and coordination of the Sozialraum AG IV for children and teenagers of the youth welfare department, kindergarden Kita Cuvrystraße, Familien- und Nachbarschaftszentrum Wrangelkiez, project KINDERWELTEN presentation - represented by k&k kultkom and many more




Quartiersmanagement Wrangelkiez