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k&k kultkom creates individual financing ideas: from the application of grants, sponsorship generation or crowdfunding concepts, up to interesting benefits which will create substantial public interest.



Example project:


QuerKlang | QuerKlang goes Europe


How does a bicycle sound? What happens if a whole school class coughs at the same time? Does it sound nice if I sind and hold my nose at the same time? What is "nice"? Is this music? In the project QuerKlang, students engage with contemporary musical material. Musicians and music students train school classes to first compile their own composition and the present it. The project is not just about extending the musical understanding of the students but to communicate a basic understanding for compositional processes. In the newly created work the distinctive musical backgrounds of the students play an important role. Thus, the compositions gain their own quality through a wealth of material. A particular highlight is that the compositions are performed in the context of the MaerzMusik-Festival for contemporary music | Berliner Festspiele. QuerKlang is among others an award winner of "Kinder zum Olymp" competition.


k&k kultkom was involved in the idea development and project concept, and is responsible for financing, coordination, public relations and project organization.


Project initiator | Kulturkontakte e.V., k&k kultkom, University for the Arts Berlin

Financing | Konzert des Deutschen Musikrates (2007), BHF Bankstiftung (2006-2009), Berliner Projektfonds für kulturelle Bildung (2009-2011), EFS Lernort Kultur (2011-2015), Funds from the University for the Arts Berlin (since 2015) and the  Lions' Club Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra

Project volume | per cycle 39,000 euros

Co-operations | Klangzeitort, Berliner Festspiele | MaerzMusik - Festival für Zeitfragen

Participants | Students and teachers from Berlin schools, composers and musicians, students of the University for the Arts Berlin



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