service I concept

k&k kultkom develops event and project ideas - and in addition, concepts for specific target groups. We form abstract ideas and complicated contexts in to concrete pictures for you and your audience.



Example project:


Programm coordination for urban culture and networking  


k&k kultkom developed a specific concept for the "Programm coordination for urban culture and networking 2015-2017" by the municipal District Office Mitte - Department for Art and Culture that is concerned with the actual urban developments of the district as well as the existing cultural and artistic potential. The focus is on initiating cooperations and exploring the role and meaning of cultural relations and visualization of ressources in the co-creation and reinforcement of public culture and creative artists. Different kinds of project formats serve to cover all topics of this programm coordination, and at the same time it is a concept that is based on an open-ended process. Following projects already took place within the programm coordination: StadtKunstGolf (CityArtGolf), miKrOPROJEKTE 2016 (micro projects), MACHT! a summercamp. In the remaining one-and-a-half years further projects will take place: Pop-up-Consulting plattforms, FRÜHSTÜCKS FERN SEHEN (Breakfast TV) and more miKrOPROJEKTE (micro projects).


k&k kultkom is responsible for the concept and project development and does the productions and implementations of all project formats that took and will take place within the context of the programm coordination.



Project initiator | Municipal District Office Mitte - Department for Art and Culture

Financing | Network Funds - Social City

Project volume | 65.000 euros