fields of work I sociocultural projects

k&k kultkom develops and organises projects in the cultural and social area for the most diverse target groups. While designing projects it is very important for us to always keep in mind the social reality and the everyday life. We provide for a lasting positive effect of these projects for participants and the community.



Example project:


Talent diploma


The 2005 founded education initiative "Wrangelkiez macht Schule" and the Lerngemeinschaft Reichenberger Kiez are organizing a "Talent diploma" that is award yearly to children and young adults of the age 4-17 years. The "Talent diploma" is concerned with the topics "reading, writing and language" and offers out-of-school activities and events. Since its start in 2014 the "Talent diploma" has been established in the Wrangelkiez and Reichenberger Kiez with many different activities that mostly take place in these two areas of town so that the children and young adults are able to move around independently in their neighborhoods. In order to receive a diploma, each participant will receive a stamp after sucessfully participating in an activity. Once the children and young adults have collected six stamps they will be awarded the diploma at the yearly LeseGarten in a formal ceremony. It is the goal of the "Talent diploma" to excite children and young adults for new topics, for them to experience new things and aspects of education by receiving insights in areas and institutions that they normally might not visit at all.


k&k kultkom within its capacity as process moderation for the education initiative "Wrangelkiez macht Schule" was part of developing the concept for the "Talent diploma" and implementing it. k&k kultkom is responsible for organizing the framework for the different workshops and activities.


Finances | Paritaetischer Verband within the framework  of the federal programm "Kultur Macht Stark - Bündnisse für Bildung" (Federal Ministry of Education and Research)
Projectvolume | 70,000 euros
Projectinitiator | Kulturkontakte e.V.
Host | Education Initiative "Wrangelkiez macht Schule", Lerngemeinschaft Reichenberger Kiez