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k&k kultkom organises and coordinates a solid background so that you can concentrate on your artistic work. We are also happy to introduce you to new artistic and administrative partners. Our portfolio ranges from contemporary works to traditional contents and forms. Thus for us at k&k kultkom the younger generation comes first in all genres.



Example project:




The experimental music theater play "Cantio" is a kind of opera in which no one sings in the beginning. Instead language is floating through the space. A language that will gradually turn into a hymn-like farewell song. It is a hymn sung by the people for the gods who built a ship and want to leave the city for ever. It is a never ending song that tries to enchant and captivate the gods. The act of singing itself will be the focus of the evening. It is supposed to affect, enchant and beguile the moody gods who are on the ship in the port ready to leave. Cantio is a commissioned work by the Munich Biennale that premiered in 2004 with great success. Within the context of the Ultraschall-Festival 2013 the play was revised, interpreted musically and scenically anew and performed once more.


k&k kultkom was responsible for the production management, financing as well as public relations for this project.



Project initiator | Kulturkontakte e.V., k&k kultkom

Financing | Capital Cultural Funds, Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation

Project volume | 123,000 euros

Co-operations | Concert House Berlin, Ultraschall - Festival for New Music

Participants | Vykintas Baltakas, Lithuanian Ensemble Network, Vivian Lüdorf, Margret Giglinger, Florian Feth, Tobias Hagge, Heiko Akrap, Rosa Jansen, Martin Kiuntke, Gabriele Stern, Thomas Wepel, Cornelia Heger, Erika Otto, Carl Faia, Yvonne Kluin, Fred Pommerehn, Regine Bernhauer, Symeon Ioannidis, Gabriele Kortmann, Frank Bernhauer, Tamara Zenn, Hans-Jörg Bahrs, Ricarda Schlegel, Kerstin Wiehe, Arno Lücker, Peter Müller, Peer Niemann, Mia Schröer, Francesca La Vigna, Varius Messe-Event-Innenausbau GmbH