fields of work I marketing for urban quarters

k&k kultkom develops concepts to show your part of town in the right light. We organise events and campaigns which strengthen the identification of the residents with the quarter and attract enterprises and investors.



Example project:


Lichtenbergs Gelbe Seite | Gelbes Fest


The event “Gelbes Fest” unfolded around a 4500 square metre big and 350 metre long yellow carpet on the roadway of Weitlingstrasse. The carpet created a completely new feeling of space. A diverse programme and imaginative decorations in yellow completed the event.

Weitlingstrasse offers many shopping possibilities. Situated close to a major traffic intersection of Lichtenberg, the shopping area and the promenade are comfortably accessible to those who transfer and travel by S-Bahn. The campaign Lichtenbergs Gelbe Seite drew the attention of these potential buyers to what Weitlingstrasse has to offer. Events like the “Gelbe Fest” also strengthened the residents’ identification with their quarter.

A shopping guide with all 200 shops as well as discount coupons strengthened the effect of the campaign for the time after the events.



Producer | k&k kultkom

Participants | Stadtbild Agentur Lichtenberg, district office of Lichtenberg

Co-operations | Berlin Senate, IHK the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Berlin, businessmen regulars' table

Project volume | 110,000 euros

Financing | Prize money of Zentren-Initiative, conveyance means of the EU-programme URBAN-II