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k&k kultkom comes up with individual exhibition ideas and realizes yours as well. From small project presentations up to large thematic contexts we design, coordinate and consult with you in your independent realization.



Example project:




The city is an aesthetic space full of sounds and experiences. At the center of the interdisciplinary and inter-year project "Stadtgeflüster" lies the appropration and design of space in the own urban environment. Students of different age, origin and language experimentally explored their own urban environment under the premise of sounds and acoustics. Behind this lies the question: why are spaces what they are and the way they are in which we live together, and that we share? During three weeks, children from overall six classes explored their sound-environment and created experimental sound compositions and film sequences. The results were exhibited in the exhibition "Stadtgeflüster" in the Art Space Bethanien.


k&k kultkom was responsible for the project conception and management, the coordination, implementation and accompaniment of the sound and film installations as well as public relations.


Financing | Berlin Project Funds - Cultural Education

Project volume | 20,000 euros

Co-operation | Sascha Dragićecić, Stefan Roszak, Reiiner Untch

Initiator | Fichtelgebirge Elementary School