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k&k kultkom organises and designs every format elegantly and efficiently. Workshops, meetings, conferences: k&k kultkom takes on all the tasks you want to delegate. From preparation, realisation and moderation up to the documentation and evaluation of your event.



Example project:




On the occasion of the 10-year-anniversary of the UNESCO-model-project, "QuerKlang - Experimental Composing in Schools" initiated a dialoge about the experimental in artistic and cultural education in form of a conference at the interface of academics and practice. At the center of this multi-day conference lies the attempt to consider and overcome boundaries - possibly in crossways; boundaries between art production and mediation, between  experimental and traditional teaching methods in schools, and between music, performing and fine arts in schools and artists and teachers. The conference's goal was to offer in- and outsights, to further pursue topics together and to create visions for the future, reflexively as well as practically.


k&k kultkom was responsible for the coordination of the concept development, organization, publicizing and implementing the conference, participant acquisition as well as financing and accounting.


Project initiator | Kulturkontakte e.V., k&k kultkom

Target Group | Artist, teachers, creative artists, students of arts, culture and education

Project volume | 30,000 euros

Co-operations | University for the Arts Berlin, Berliner Festspiele | MaerzMusik - Festival für Zeitfragen